Individual Insurance

  • Individual Insurance is for people who do not get their health insurance through an employer.

  • The Affordable Care Act mandates that if you do not have health insurance for 2019, there is a tax penalty of 2.5% of your household income.

  • There are three option if you choose individual coverage. Health Insurance Marketplace, Underwritten plans, or a healthshare plan.


Marketplace Insurance

People enrolling in a Marketplace plan through can qualify for financial aid. That financial aid depends on your age, income and household size. The marketplace application can be confusing. Answering one question wrong could cost you thousands of dollars or be denied all together. Also, plans and networks change every year, so it is important to have someone you can trust to keep you up to date.
If you think you may qualify for financial assistance please call before you apply on the Marketplace. (615) 617-9953

Underwritten Plans

Underwriting mean the insurance company will look at you pre-existing conditions to determine if they will accept you or not. These plans can be in-expensive if you qualify, so they are a good option if you are healthy.

Group plans are available for small business of 2-50 employees.

Healthshare Plans

Tired of paying ridiculously high premiums? Are you are looking for a less expensive alternative and still avoid the ACA tax penalty?
These plans are the unconventional approach to healthcare. Since the inception of Obamacare, enrollment in healthshare companies has skyrocketed., The saving here can be 50% or greater when compared to traditional insurance plans.

Other Individual Alternatives Short Term Insurance

Are you coming off a group plan, COBRA, or have recently moved? It is very common for people to have a gap in coverage while transitioning from one plan to another. Short term plans can be customized to your situation at very affordable prices.

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Supplemental Insurance

Deductibles and maximum out-of-pocket expense are reaching nearly $7,000 per individual with no copays. That means if you have a major medical event you would be on the hook for all of that.
Thankfully, there are a few alternatives to traditional individual health insurance. Select Pointe offers supplemental insurance to help individuals and families pay for deductibles and other unexpected medical costs.
What is Supplemental Insurance? These are low cost insurance plans that pay you a lump sum cash payment in the event of a specified medical event.
Do you know anyone who was diagnosed with cancer or Alzheimer's? Do you know anyone who had a heart attack or stroke? There are plans out there that will pay up to $100,000 if this happens to you.
Have you ever had surgery or spent the night in the hospital? There are plans that pay cash for those too.
By adding one of these plans, you have a way to pay your deductible if you have a major medical event.